HEX MIT 2-Component Dispenser

Combined two 1-Component dispensers with special design integration kit to form the best 2-Component dispenser system

Various combination of 1-Component dispenser meets mix ratio from 1:1 to 1:20 (by Volume)

Changing the rotor speed easily according to the mix ratio required

In addition to all the benefit of 1-Component dispenser, 2-Component dispenser have more paste choice, flexible and better production efficiency

For different industry mixer, our special module design adaptor could easily replace with adaptor(spare part) charge fee

Easily clean, disassembly and assembly by standard tools

Accuracy of dosing  (=<)  1%

Repeat Accuracy   (=>)  99%

2-Component Spec General.jpg
2-Component All.jpg
2-Component Explosion.jpg
2-Component Nazzo Explosion.jpg

Operation Mode

Liquid : Water

Mix Ratio   100 : 10

Target : 0.505ml / shot

Accuracy of dosing  (=<)  1%

Repeat Accuracy   (=>)  99%