HEX MIT 1-Component Dispenser

Various solutions for discharging demand from 1.14ml/s to 0.06ml/s

Self-sealing rotor and stator structure, up to a discharge pressure of 4 bar air and could create a priming upstream pressure, making a pressure tank unnecessary for self-levelling liquids.

Uniform dosing from staring to the end.

No pulse, low shear force, costant dosing

Suitable for higher viscosity

Dosing volume is proportion to the rotor speed

Conveying in reverse, like a short reverse motion at the end of dosing process causes the medium be broken off cleanly and in a controlled manner without dripping

Easily clean, disassembly and assembly by standard tools

Accuracy of dosing   (=<) 1%

Repeat Accuracy  (>=) 99%

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1-Component All.jpg
1-Component Explosion.jpg

Operation Mode

Liquid : Water

Target :

1 Revolution 0.778ml / shot

Accuracy of dosing  (=<)  1%

Repeat Accuracy   (=>)  99%